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iPad Pro Day 1

Having unpacked and set up the iPad Pro very easily from an existing iPad Air 2 backup on iCloud, all seems very slick.

I was initially taken aback by its overall size, but quickly became accustomed to the feel, and am pleasantly surprised to how easy it is to hold onto from a weight perspective.

The screen resolution is amazing for those apps that have optimised. Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Word, Excel, OneNote and Evernote all look fabulous. Clash of Clans looked a bit outdated though!!

Performance is fantastic, very quick and responsive A9x processor with 4Gb RAM, and the sound quality through the 4 speakers is impressive for the type of device.

From a work perspective, all is good so far. I can fire up Citrix Receiver and easily handle all office applications on the new iPad Pro. Citrix Receiver is definitely not running at full resolution for this massive retina display, but that could be an organisational setting.

My only major let down, currently, is the lack of smart keyboard availability. Totally shortsighted on Apple's part there.


iPad Pro

iPad Pro

So all those lucky enough to have unpacked their new iPad Pro will be eagerly awaiting the opportunity to set it to work.

Acclivis will be putting the laptop on ice and spending a week away at a customer site with only an iPad Pro.

See how we get on…


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